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Investor FAQs

On June 2, 1987, the Company sold 2,300,000 shares of Common Stock in an initial public offering filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 1991, the Company raised an additional $10 million in capital through a secondary offering .

In May 2002, the Company acquired at a bankruptcy court ordered auction certain assets of Casual Male Corp. The acquisition included, but was not limited to, approximately 475 Casual Male Big & Tall retail and outlet stores, its catalog and e-commerce operations and various intellectual property. In view of the significance of the Casual Male acquisition to the growth and future identify of the Company, on August 8, 2002, the Board of Directors recommended and the shareholders approved to change the Company's name from Designs, Inc. to Casual Male Retail Group, Inc.

In fiscal 2010, the Company tested is new store concept, Destination XL ("DXL").  Based on the overwhelming response of the stores, the Company is in the process of closing all of its existing Casual Male XL retail stores and replacing them with DXL stores.  By fiscal 2016, the Company expects to have opened up to 250 DXL stores.  Given this new direction and the importance of its DXL stores to the overall business, in February 2013 the Company changed its Corporate name to Destination XL Group, Inc.


Destination XL Group, Inc. (formerly Casual Male Retail Group, Inc. and prior to that Designs, Inc.) common stock is traded on the Nasdaq Global Market.

Destination XL Group, Inc. common stock can be bought or sold through a stockbroker or any financial institution that provides brokerage services.

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You can request this information in a number of ways:

  • On-line Request: go to our investor relations home page and click on information request.
  • Email: investor.relations@dxlg.com
  • Mail:  Destination XL Group, Inc.
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All SEC documents are accessible online through our investor relations page of our website or through the SEC's EDGAR database.

Destination XL Group, Inc. issues press releases on a quarterly basis to announce its sales and earnings for each respective quarter.

Not at this time.

Our fiscal year ends on the Saturday closest to January 31.

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